Reflect on your work values

Your values are important clues to what kind of work and work conditions you would like. This quiz can help you find out your work motivations, your preferred work setting, how you like to interact with others, and your work style.

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Your work motivations

The idea of making money motivates you a great deal.
You're motivated by work that allows you to help other people, either individually or in small groups.
You're not interested in managing other people. You're motivated by work that allows you to manage just yourself.
Money is not as important to you as a personal sense of satisfaction.
You want work that absorbs you, even if it takes up your leisure time.
You're motivated by work that will improve the world.
It's important to you to get public recognition for the work that you do.
You're motivated by work that will lead to a management position.
You want work that leaves you leisure time for your family and friends.

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