Job prospects Paramedic in Ontario

Job opportunities for Paramedical occupations (NOC 3234) are good in Ontario over the next 3 years. These job prospects are also applicable to people working as a paramedic.

Note: These employment prospects were published in December 2021 based on the information available at the time of analysis. The next update will be in December 2022. To learn more, see our FAQs. You can also find additional information on the Canadian Online Job Posting Dashboard.

Job opportunities in Ontario

Prospects over the next 3 years

The employment outlook will be good for Paramedical occupations (NOC 3234) in Ontario for the 2021-2023 period.

The following factors contributed to this outlook:

  • Employment growth will lead to a moderate number of new positions.
  • Not many positions will become available due to retirements.
  • There are a small number of unemployed workers with recent experience in this occupation.

What Types of Employers Are Out There?

  • Ambulance service providers
  • Municipal governments
  • Hospitals

What are the Main Trends Affecting Employment?

  • Greater demand on the health care system because of the COVID-19 pandemic and increased need for paramedical services.
  • Population growth and a steadily aging population are expected to increase the need for emergency medical care services, supporting job prospects in this occupation.
  • Expansion of the Community Paramedicine for Long-Term Care program will support work for paramedics to provide non-emergency home visits and in-home testing.
  • Overall public sector funding for emergency services in local areas.

What Skills Do I Need to Succeed?

  • Certification by the Ontario Ministry of Health is required for paramedics.
  • There are three levels of paramedic in Ontario–Primary Care Paramedic (PCP), Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP), and Critical Care Paramedic (CCP). 
  • Completion of a paramedic training program from an approved college or training institution in Ontario is required.
  • Aeromedical or critical care paramedic training programs are offered by Ornge in Ontario.
  • A valid commercial bus driver's licence is required to drive an ambulance in Ontario.

What Other Information Will I Find Helpful?

  • Positions often require irregular hours and may be physically demanding.

Here are some key facts about Paramedical occupations in the Ontario region:

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